LEDress bear mascot ledress made in the USA

LEDress reached its sales goal of 2,000 orders on 3 October 2021 and will not re-order certain components.

Please check the list below to make sure a component needed for your sign is not out of stock before filling out the order form.

Any future sales will continue to have the full 1-year warranty. Any displays can still be sent in for repair. Product support via email will continue.

24Apr2022: no more than 12 units remain to be sold. The main electronic board may be hand-made rather than on a printed circuit; these will be just as reliable and function the same.

One or Two digit displays: If your address has only one or two digits, consider ordering the vertical style. These are shown on the Home and on the Pictures pages.

If ordering multiple displays, please do not make them all the same color (enclosure and LEDs); order a mix of colors.

Digits 0,1,5,7,8: Plenty in stock.

Digit 2: Permanently out of stock, the last one sold 22apr2022.

Digit 3: Several available.

Digit 4: One left.

Digits 6: Permanently out of stock, the last one sold 22dec2021.

Digit 9: Permanently out of stock, the last one sold 14jan2022.

Yellow LEDs: about 35 left, only enough for one or two display digits.

All other components and kits are in stock.