LEDress bear mascot ledress made in the USA

LEDress reached its sales goal of 2,000 orders on 3 October 2021 and will not re-order certain components.

Please check the list below to make sure a component needed for your sign is not out of stock before filling out the order form.

Any future sales will continue to have the full 1-year warranty. Any displays can still be sent in for repair. Product support via email will continue.

If ordering multiple displays, please do not make them all the same color (enclosure and LEDs); order a mix of colors.

Some parts (noted below) may be refurbished; there is a slight cosmetic difference from a standard part, but at a distance it is not noticable.

Gray enclosure for 4-digit signs: Out of stock, please choose white or black, or use the Special Instructions area of the order form to request a 5-digit enclosure.

Red LEDs: Out of stock; choose from white, blue, green, yellow, orange.

Digits 0,1,5,7,8: Plenty in stock.

Digit 2: One refurbished digit available.

Digits 3,4,6,9: Stock is low but there are enough of each for several orders.

All other components and kits are in stock.