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12Jan2020 (Wakefield, RI) Hey Larry, I received the unit works excellent...If you have any pamphlets I would pass them out to local fire departments to help promote your products which I think they would see around town...Frank

25Sep2019 (Key West, FL) Hi Larry... This is for a duplex here in Key West we've done a total renovation on. It has separate entrances and we want to class it up a little. My original sign still works perfectly. THANK YOU for the excellent quality. That is why I passed by all the "other" vendors and ordered from you again! Doug

13jul2019 (Waterloo, ON) ...I applaud you on the craftsmanship. It looks to be a very well designed unit. LEDress exceeded my expectations of how bright it shines. I can now easily find the right house key on my key-ring when I get home at night, as the cool green light lights up the driveway nicely. Elia

19feb2019 (Quebec Province) ...I received your civic number box and I am very happy to see the quality as well as the components, the assembly quality etc. the efficiency of the leds is sufficient and of good quality. This kit will be installed in northern Quebec and will have to face temperatures of -40 for long periods of time and I have no doubt about its resistance...Ghislain

24nov2017 (Vancouver BC) Hi Larry. Thank you for the personal order confirmation, this must be part of the very positive customer service feedback I have seen on your website. I am looking forward to receiving the product and installing it...Bruce (Aha--website vistors do read these!)

2oct2017 (Bloomfield Hills MI) Larry,I installed it two weeks ago on a boulder and it looks terrific and is very visible...I appreciate your follow up, great product and patience with me. Mike

24sep2017 (Brooklyn NY) Hi Larry, Received the led light yesterday. Unfortunately my wife does not like the way it goes with outside decor and we will have to return it. Please advise on the return process. Al (Can't please everyone--this was just the second return in the last ~500 orders)

11sep2017 (Windsor CT) Received repaired house numbers today. Connected power supply and it works perfectly in all positions. That was fast. Good to find someone that stands behind their products. Thanks again Larry. Russell

31mar2017 (Sun City West AZ) We stopped at one of the addresses on Ravenswood and asked where they found their numbers. They apparently get asked so often they have your contact info preprinted and ready to go for their neighbors!!! VERY satisfied customers. Paul

14nov2016 (Sun City West AZ) The fixture was installed on our house and it looks beautiful. Probably more so at night. We invited our friends down to admire it. Thank you very much. John and Mary

7nov2016 (Des Plaines IL) Our paper carrier sure likes our new sign. See the note below we found written on the plastic wrapper of our Sunday paper...Our new sign was up in minutes, wired to the doorbell system...We love the sign. Jim & Karen

23sep2016 (Sun City West AZ) My led house light is a big hit in the neighborhood, my neighbor just ordered one and has his up already, now Leonard from down the street just stopped and got your address, so he will be ordering one soon. When some of my snowbird neighbors return, hope you'll receive more orders. Thanks, again, for your help in my time of need. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. Bel

22sep2016 (Sun City West AZ) Just got my ledress today and installed it. Works great. While I was hooking it up 3 people asked me 'where did you get that?' So---i passed the info along and I would expect that before long there will be a few more orders from our zip code. Thanks for your quick response and your dandy website and attention to detail. Nice to know that there is still a business that actually pays attention......Jim

17sep2016 (Barrie ON) We received our house numbers about a week ago only took about 9 days !!! We were so excited to put them up and let me tell you they look awesome !!! We have had many people thank us for having led house numbers so they can find where they are going !!! I'm hoping you get lots of orders from Barrie, Ontario. I've attached a couple of pics. Thank you so much :) Melinda

25jan2016 (Flushing NY) Perfect! Looks real nice. Thank you for the extra effort. When I mount it and people start noticing and ask me, I'll make sure to refer you. It definitely is nicer than the other's I've seen around my block. Lewis (custom hyphen added to display)

9dec2015 (Jacksonville FL) FYI-last one I ordered, pictured as Apopka Fl photo on your site, is 9-10 years old-still works like a champ! New house so need new sign! (repeat customer from 16mar2008)

25aug2015 (Milwaukee WI) I'm very happy with your product The old fixture with its solar adaptor just didn't cut it When neighbors...ask...I will be sending business your way. Jeff (customer has submitted installation photos)

6may2015 (Sun City West AZ) Thanks Larry... We really like these LED address lights, some friends from Sun City West ordered them and we liked the way they looked. Can't wait until they are installed on our house. Denise

15apr2015 (Hanover Park IL) WOW - your the best guy ! OLD STYLE please .....my old one still works ,just want a change . THANK YOU, Mark (customer changed from red to yellow LEDs)

16dec2014 (Nanaimo BC) Thanks So much Larry, We received our LED address today. It looks great. I will be ordering more for family and friends. Quality of the material used is great and well worth it. Thanks again. Sukhwinder

24apr2014 (Bakersfield CA) Oh buy the way ,I wanted to tell you the quality of workmanship on you units is impeccable. I'm a perfectionist and the fit on and finish is wonderful. Thanks Again, Scotty (this customer's dog chewed on the original transformer, needed replacement)

12oct2013 (Gloversville NY) Larry, Thank you for the update. My wife bought me one for Christmas many years ago, it was red when we lived in Maine and I thought it was great. Left it when I moved to here, couldn't remember where she found it. A stove shop in Sanford Maine helped her. Can't wait to be the first in the neighborhood with my new number.I doubt I will be the last. Charlie

26sep2013 (Halifax NS) Hello Larry--We have received our order it only took 10 days to Halifax Nova Scotia. Canada Post delivered the order to our door and there was no money owing on the package. I have had a good look at the product and I'm very happy with our purchase It looks like the product is well constructed and well designed. Locklyn

19Jul2013 (Bismarck ND) Our other one is still working fine since your last repair but I plan on using that on a second location so please send me a new one. I do appreciate you letting me know about the possible repair though. Thanks for the great customer service! I get lots of compliments on these lights. So thank you! Brad

5mar2013 (Key West FL) Hi Larry, I attached a couple of pics of my "Ledress". I'm very proud of how it looks & have received several compliments on it. You see we made a recessed niche for it to fit in & used some plastic below it to transmit light to the sensor & that works great. I had ran a conduit to the location from another niche that has the outlet & transformer in it. Thought you'd enjoy seeing the Southernmost USA Ledress ! THANKS for a great product. Doug

18nov2012 (Alabaster AL) Thanks for the update. I'm pleasantly surprised you knew I had ordered form you in the past but even more surprised that I am the first one to order in Alabama. I must admit, I had a challenging time finding your website again, but I made sure to save it in my favorites. I just knew I wanted to have the same thing again instead of getting a different product from someone else. I hope my neighbors will see mine and place orders too. I'll be sure to spread the word! I look forward to installing the lights.

12sept2012 (Mississauga ON) Hi Larry, I received my LEDress today. I found adjusting the settings with the jumper easy and straight forward. The installation too was easy. Over all, I'm happy with it. The only thing that would make them better is to have the numbers spaced apart a little more, making them easier to read farther away. Love the blue!! Victor

1May2012 (Cambridge MD) Larry You did a great job on the pictures. Thanks for making me famous! Everyone around here wants to know where I got it and what it cost. When I tell them the cost of both items it turns them off. Things aren't too good for many in this area because of the economy and they just can't afford items like this. I am one who has really been blessed and could. If I lived in an upscale area I'm sure I could get you many customers. It has been a real joy talking to you and I hope you hit it big. Blessings, Earl

13Mar2012 (Apopka FL) 4 years ago I ordered one of your LED address signs. I was quite happy when it was received as it was as described on your website. Here I am 4 years later and I just wanted to say I continue to be happy with my purchase! I've attached a photo of your product, which I placed in the middle of an address frame to make it look a little more formal. My LEDress product continues to shine brightly at night and I've never had a problem with it - which is incredible considering the weather we have here in FL. Thanks for your fine work and great product! Sincerely, Jeff

12dec2011 (Portland OR) The unit is well designed and implemented. I will use it as "Always On -- Steady." I like the diffused lens LEDs that allow for good viewing at wide angles, the quality of the circuit boards, a great enclosure and the fact that you are local. I was looking for new house numbers and particularly LED. Not finding anything I liked, I thought about designing my own. Fortunately, I found your website. Robert

25nov2011 (Gurnee IL) Dear Larry I finally had my lovely green LEDress replaced with the white (LED) one. I shall be shipping my green LED box back to you since my Home Owners Association would not allow me to put up the green one. If you can re-use some of the parts, I would very much appreciate a refund, after the receipt of the (new) item, of course. It is a real pleasure doing business with you. 4dec2011 First of all, I want to thank you so much for your refund and the promptness that it was done. I retuned the new back cover with my green LED light because I kept the old one that had a hole drilled for the wire. My electrician followed the instructions that I printed from your website. Thank you for your concern and advice. Wishing you a happy holiday season. Regards Frances

1Oct2011 (Los Angeles CA) Larry, Installation went really well, thanks. I'll take some pictures to send you when it's dark. Sign is very visible and I think improves safety. We live only 10 miles from downtown LA but it's very dark at night. I would think you could sell a LOT of these units with optimum marketing. Alex

1aug2011 (Boulder CO) Thanks for crafting a useful and well-made product. And, saving me the trouble of building this myself. Fun project, but I've got a lots of other things to build when I find time. Wayne

9dec2010 (Caribou ME) Larry, You're right about the number being high for Maine but yes, it is staying here. It's a gift for my dad. He lives on a rural route in a bigger city in Maine so the numbers go a little higher. We have one and now all our parents have one too. Makes me feel better knowing help can find them if they need it. Thanks! Peggy

14Oct2010 (Winnipeg MB) Hi Larry, I really appreciate you following up with me on the LEDress arrival. I'm happy to inform you that I got my item today. It's in a perfect working condition and I really like how bright it is. Take care, Nick

14sep2010 (Punta Gorda FL) Thanks Larry, I saw a neighbor had one and every time I come down to my Florida home (I live in MA) I see his and want one. I have been searching on line and finally found your web site and you now have my order. Thanks so much! Peter

22July2010 (New London NC) I get so many comments on my LEDress. The UPS people want everyone to have one, the FEDEX guy always comments on it. They especially like it in the Winter when it gets dark so early and they are still out making deliveries. We had a yard sale and I could have given out at least 15 brochures / cards for you. They need something in their hand to look at and take home with them. Sandy in NC

20Feb2010 (Portland OR) Just wanted to let you know how much we love our new blue LED house numbers. My husband is an electrical engineer and was really impressed with the quality and ease of installation. We have a house at the Oregon coast with no street lights, and the numbers not only look nice during the day but really "shine" after dark. They look great with all the blue accent lighting we have on our contemporary house. The added bonus is our neighbors love them, too! Sincerely, Marlene

21jan2010 (Leesburg FL) Thanks for your fast service Larry. We had one of these on our home in Maine and just loved it. We've just moved to Florida and had to have one on our "new" home. It was vacant for over two years, so needed a lot of TLC. We look forward to putting your product on it!! I bet a lot of the neighbors will be asking about it. I've not seen any in our area. Again, thanks, Jackie

29dec2009 (Elk Grove CA) (after initial complaint about digit8 green mismatch with other digits) Larry, Thanks for getting back to me. We chose to keep the sign. I installed it and it looks great. I do have a fine eye, somewhat of a perfectionist. In the future if I have any problems, can I purchase parts from you? My neighbors love the sign! Thanks again, Paul

10June2009 (Embden ME) Larry, Many thanks for your service and attention to our "sign" problem. Your home-made tester was easy to use for a non-electrically minded guy, and proved to us that our transformer was faulty, even though it was the second transformer. Our sign is up and shinning brightly as ever. Feel free to use our name as a truely satisfied customer. You have gone beyond the call to help us out and we will send buisness your way anytime we can. Thanks, Jim

12Feb2009 (Vienna VA) Larry Just wanted you to know that the lights work well out on the mail box. My wife likes it so much that she wants me to order...a green display for spring, blue for summer, and yellow for fall. reagrds, twf (customer eventually ended up with 5 units)

2Jan2009 (Augusta ME) Thanks Larry for all your help and encouragement. Just wanted to let you know we got up the courage to try it ourselves and did everything you told us. We completed the installation ourselves without hiring anyone or asking friends for help. What a way to end the year. It looks so nice lit up at night. I did change it to not have special effects during the day, but might change it back later on when it warms up here (8 below zero right now!). Thanks again. Judy

25July2008 (Racine WI) Larry, I have received my Ledress unit and my wife and I both think it's absolutely wonderful. She's usually a skeptic about my techie toys, as she calls them, but she really loved this address light. It's replacing a set of EzLights that we've had for a few years and have had quite a few failures on. I was able to install the Ledress in the enclosure that I built for the EzLights and we both think it looks great(see enclosed pictures). Time will tell if it outlasts the EzLights that it is replacing. Best regards, Jim (this LEDress was stolen in 2011 and the customer ordered another)

14jan2008 (Easton ME) Just wanted to let you know that I received the new products and I have the house numbers up and working. They look great. Thank you so much for you help after my mishap. Again, I will definitely be telling people about your company as the only place that sells them (other brands) around here is very expensive. Richard

4dec2007 (Federal Way, WA) Morning Larry, My LED arrived yesterday and it is wonderful. My home is an Adulf Family Home, we care for disabled seniors and young adults. We do have 911 events and the MT's are going to love the brite house numbers, on one of our very dark, rainy Northwest nights. Thank you for your fast service. Marianna

11sep2007 (Shaftsbury VT) larry, thank you for the quick response and kind words.. depending upon how your product is we may be ordering four more for our kids homes as a christmas present... thanks again and have a nice day, John (customer did order 4 more in December)