LEDress bear mascot ledress made in the USA

Returns: Your purchase price refunded if the shipped items are returned undamaged within 30 days of arrival at your location. No reason is required. Refunds have been rare as nearly 99% of customers have kept their LEDress address displays! PayPal purchases are refunded electronically back to your account or credit card. Mailed payments are refunded with a check. Electronic refunds are made the day of or day after the display returns; mailed refunds same except for Sundays and holidays.

Warranty: The LEDress display is guaranteed for one year if the unit has not been abused or electronically modified. Also includes refund for customer's postage to return unit for repair, up to Priority Mail rates.

Privacy: Submissions to process LEDress orders are kept private, not shared or sold. There is no follow-up marketing to you after your purchase. Google Maps: If the house numbers you enter on the order form match the numbers in the shipping address, Your address may be reviewed on Google Maps, just to see if you are too far from the road for the LEDress to be useful, as not all customers read the Products page specifications. USPS tracking: An eye is kept on the arrival times posted at USPS.com in order to verify delivery of the product and to start the 30-day return policy.

"LEDress": Is a combination of the acronym "LED" (light-emitting diode) and the word "address".
It is pronounced lee-dress.

Ordering: Both on-line and mail ordering forms can be accessed on the "Ordering" webpage. Submitting an online order immediately sends an email, containing your order's choices, via a webmail system, to LEDress. LEDress is located in Oregon, and daily orders are checked for at noon and at 9PM, Pacific Time. Order confirmation emails are sent out soon after.

Payment: Orders must be pre-paid. One method is using PayPal, where major credit cards can be used. The other method is to mail a check or money order. You can select the method on the order form. Payment instructions appear on the order form after the "SUBMIT" button is clicked, and mailing instructions are on the printable order form for mail-order purchases.

Receipt: Your receipt for online payments is the PayPal transaction number. A paper receipt is sent along in the shipment for mail orders. Having a receipt is not critical for returns or repairs because the combination of address number, color selections, and kits makes each purchase and customer unique. Your credit card statement for this purchase will be labelled LOGICIANLLC.

Discounts: 3 or more units: 6% off. The discount is based upon shipping cost savings: The units must be sent to the same address at the same time in one package to qualify.

Shipping: The (free) default shipping method is via USPS Priority Mail (not UPS) that rarely takes more than 4 days to the 48 States. Express Mail is an option; an extra fee ($50) is charged. Once payment is received, shipment is made within 48 hours (same or next day for Express), plus any intervening weekend or holiday time.

Reselling or Distributing: LEDress does not employ resellers or distributors. The only way to make money as a middleman is to offer customers installation for a fee. Remodelers and builders would do this by including a LEDress in their project.

Contacting: Email contact is much preferred. For phone contact, email your phone number and best time to call. Written correspondence is welcome also. See the "Contact" webpage for the addresses. Occasionally customers will send photos of their lighted address installation; that is always appreciated, as are testimonials and suggestions (no identifying names or image features will be used for promotions). Complaints are so rare that even they are welcomed!

Chargebacks: Only three credit-card-paying customers have ever tried this. None were successful, the credit company ruled in favor of LEDress each time. Unwanted units should be returned for a refund instead.

Environmental: Most importantly, the LEDress display is REPAIRABLE. The technology used has been around since the 1970's and should be available for a long time to come.