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Lighted house number signs -- LEDress horizontal style

LEDress LED lighted house numbers are for sale online using LEDs in 6 colors:

red, blue, white, green, yellow, and orange. These sign numbers can light up night & day or be set for dusk to dawn illumination.

Contemporary LED house numbers provide quick information to 911 emergency,

taxi, pizza and other delivery drivers. Service personnel and first-time visitors to your place will appreciate them. Mostly, they just look cool.

LEDress makes the only LED residential address signs with as wide a selection of colors and styles.

Optional kits for mounting and wiring eliminate running to the store for more parts, making your purchase ready for installation. The LEDress ships rapidly via 2 to 4 day Priority Mail; customers need not wait for weeks. There is no sales tax and the shipping is free.

Unlike backlit or internally illuminated house signs sold by Home Depot, Lowes, and others, LEDress displays the full, bright LEDs color directly in a string-of-lights design with a retro look that has revived in modern times with LED signage.

Solar powered house numbers are handy, but they may not shine all night like LEDress that runs from a small low-voltage transformer (included) and is safe for a do-it-yourself person to install.

Lighted house numbers could be the finishing touch for home security systems, or can be used by a small business.

You help the whole neighborhood at night by using lighted address numbers, showing visitors if they have gone too far or not far enough down the street.

Canadian customers, please see the Canada Info page for ordering details.

About 1/6 of orders come from Canada, shipped by mail, International Package.

Lighted address numbers -- LEDress vertical style